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By honoring our mission to serve older adults in a safe, caring, attractive, stimulating and spiritually nourishing environment, Elm Terrace Gardens has earned an excellent reputation.  Unlike a for-profit community with a dual responsibility to their residents and shareholders, we are able to focus on meeting the needs of our residents and on being able to provide resident-centered care. In addition to our not-for-profit status, our conservative management and financial stability help ensure that the community continues to thrive and provide services to area seniors for many years to come. We also offer volunteering opportunities.

We believe that providing services in a mission-driven and value-centric environment attracts caring volunteers, employees and residents who share similar values. For thirty-four years we have provided our services with a personal touch and we look forward to being a stable resource for the community in the future.

At Elm Terrace Gardens we understand that our people are our greatest asset. Benefits include the following:


Employment Application

To apply for a position at Elm Terrace Gardens, please fill out and submit the following form, or call us at (215) 361-5600. Send E-mail to Human Resources. Please leave blank text boxes that do not apply. Elm Terrace Gardens does not discriminate in areas of employment, patient admission, and patient treatment with respect to race, color, religion, national origin, or disability.
  • Who should Elm Terrace Gardens contact in case of emergency?

  • Employment Desired

  • Experience and Qualifications

  • Education

    Please list your education below.
  • Name and Location of School:
  • No. of Years Attended:
  • Subject, License, Degree:
  • Name and Location of School:
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  • Name and Location of School:
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  • Employment History

    Please list your last three employers, listing the most recent employer first.
  • Understanding and Certification of Terms

    1. All information provided by me on this application is true. Falsification or omission of facts is cause for dismissal.
    2. In accepting this application, Elm Terrace Gardens neither states nor implies that an offer of employment will be given.
    3. An offer of employment does not contractually oblige Elm Terrace Gardens to continue to employ me in the future.
    4. I authorize Elm Terrace Gardens to obtain references from those listed in this application as marked above.
    5. I authorize Elm Terrace Gardens to conduct a criminal history check on me.
    6. If an offer of employment is extended and I accept it, I agree to abide by all company rules and regulations.
    7. I understand that I must take and pass a TB Mantoux test before employment, if hired.
    8. I understand I will be required to submit a Covid test before starting employment.
    9. I understand I will be required to have an annual flu vaccination.
    10. If hired, I promise to abide by HIPPA and other confidentiality regulations
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