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Retirement Community Montgomery County

When you are looking for a retirement community that fits your lifestyle, ask the questions below and try to create a community comparison with your personal wants and needs. We understand that you need to find the community that meets your needs…Let us help you get there! Our retirement specialists are here to help you compare Elm Terrace Gardens with other communities to see how we are able to adapt to your lifestyle and economic circumstances.


General Questions

Q: Is your community not-for-profit or for-profit?
A: Elm Terrace Gardens is a not-for-profit organization started in 1981 on Christian principles, but we are open to residents of all faiths and backgrounds.

Q: How long has this community been in business?
A: We have been providing senior living services for 40+ years. 

Q: Is your community a continuing care retirement community (CCRC)? Please explain…?
A: Yes we are! A CCRC provides independent living, personal care (or Assisted Living) and nursing care as well as a full range of supportive services on one campus. Residents here have an active lifestyle and gain peace of mind knowing that their future healthcare needs will be met.

Q: Does your community have a Fee for Service plan (and/or) a Lifecare Contract?
A: Yes, we have both depending on your own preference!

Q: Are all three levels of care (Independent, Personal Care& Nursing Care) able to be reached without going outside?
A: Yes, here at ETG all three levels of care are under one roof for your convenience! We have all three levels of care located on one city block in the heart of Lansdale so it is never too far to see your loved ones and friends.

Q: When Should I consider moving to Elm Terrace Gardens?
A: This is different for everyone! But one common theme we hear from people thinking about Elm Terrace Gardens is “I’m not ready yet”. Additionally, once these folks become residents we hear, “I should have done this five years ago!” Our suggestion is to start working with us to put together a true plan for your future: – While you are in good health and able to enjoy everything that ETG has to offer! – While you are able to plan a smooth transition – While you still qualify for our LifeCare or Fee for Service options –REMEMBER- The worst time to make a decision is when you are in a health crisis & need to be focused on getting better.


Financial Questions

Q: Will my monthly rate increase if I need a higher level of care?
A: At Elm Terrace Gardens you have the choice…

Q: Will my monthly rate be fixed or subject to change?
A: The monthly fees are adjusted annually. In order to sustain the lifestyle that our residents expect, the monthly fee is adjusted to compensate for inflation and operating costs.

Q: May I please see your community’s Disclosure Statement? (This will show you the organization’s financial viability)
A: Our Disclosure Statement is Rock Solid! Ask today to see our solid financial sustainability in order to feel secure in your move!


Lifestyle Questions

Q: How is the food at your community?
A: You simply have to taste it for yourself! We have a wonderful array of menu items and a food service provider who is second to none. We offer a free lunch and tour, so you can try our food and other amenities for yourself!

Q: How does the meal plan work? Do you have one?
A: Yes, We pride ourselves in giving you the choice! If you are the best chef on the block, please don’t stop what you love to do. But, if you are tired of cooking and cleaning up just relax and let us take care of it for you!
You can choose from 0 meals a day to 3 meals a day and everything in between. You can also choose a number of meals per month to use at your discretion…here at ETG it’s all about you!

Q: I like to entertain family and friends, would this be okay?
A: Yes! Of course, you are able to have family and friends come and go as you please! Guests are able to stay the night with you or reserve a guest quarters suite to have their privacy. With all of the different areas of Elm Terrace to enjoy your family and friends won’t want to be anywhere else!

Q: How many people live in this community? Will I just be another number?
A: We only have about 250 residents in total! Here you are not just a number, you are known by face and name when you join our family. I’m sure you already know a few of our residents!

Q: Is Elm Terrace Gardens pet-friendly?
A: Yes, there are a limited amount of independent residences that are pet-friendly. These apartments are highly sought after so please contact us today or call us about the current availability of pet-friendly apartments!

Q: How will I know I am secure at Elm Terrace Gardens?
A: After reading our disclosure statement and knowing that you are financially secure. Gain peace of mind knowing that you are secure from a healthcare standpoint as well. Lastly, we have many security measures here at Elm Terrace Gardens to help keep our residents safe. From the 24/7 emergency call systems to the security staff, you can rest easily knowing that you are in good hands.

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