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I Need Help Selling My House

Let me guess… You would love to join our Elm Terrace Gardens family but are worried that your house won’t sell or that you won’t get what you once would have for it? Please don’t get discouraged by the national news coverage! Since 2008 we have had at least 50 new residents who have been able to sell their homes and are delighted… It isn’t out of reach! Elm Terrace Gardens can help you achieve your goals! For over 30 years we have worked with organizations and realtors who have helped our residents sell their homes and become part of our Elm Terrace Gardens Family. Don’t be discouraged by the national media, let us work with you and for you to support you through this process.

If selling your house is leaving you with uneasy feelings please contact. We look forward to meeting you and lending a hand where we can!

Home Marketing Consultants is an example of a company that we work with, click here for more information.

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Learn all that Elm Terrace Gardens can be for you! Contact us today and we will introduce you to all that awaits you at Elm Terrace Gardens.