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Preparing your home for listing on the real estate market can feel really overwhelming. That’s why it is really important to connect with a real estate professional sooner rather than later,” says Ryan Godshall, a trusted Seniors Real Estate specialist for Bucks and Montgomery County. “My partners and I always communicate that we are here to be a resource as you prepare to move to Elm Terrace Gardens.”

As a staging professional, Ryan and his team can offer staging advice and assistance. “The goal of staging is to create a positive first impression as prospective buyers walk into your home, and as they walk from room to room. I encourage people to keep the five senses in mind as they prepare their home,” Ryan explains.

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Sight. It’s important to remember that people are purchasing space and not your furniture or possessions. The most important thing to do as you consider sight is when you stand at the entrance of a room, what captures your eye first? If it’s a piece of furniture, or a collage of photos on the wall or a pile of clutter, it has to go. Creating space is important. Also, you’ll want to be sure that your rooms are well lit. Upgrade low wattage bulbs in places like the laundry, the basement, upstairs hallways, etc. Open curtains and blinds to create additional light and showcase views.

Bright white modern rocking chair in room with chest of drawers, decorations in model staging home, apartment or house

Touch. The way your home feels when you walk in the door is important. Make sure you have the heat turned up in the winter and the air conditioning turned up in the summer. People don’t want to enter a chilly house on a cold day or a stuffy, hot house on a humid summer day.

Smell. The smell of your home is very important. Pet, mildew, kitchen and laundry odors can turn buyers off. Air fresheners, wax warmers and candles can help mask unpleasant smells. If the weather cooperates, consider opening a window so the air in your home can smell fresh. If you have time, baking cookies or a pie right before a showing can help to make your home a welcoming space.

“Warm, golden brown, chocolate chip cookies give off a wonderful aroma and offer a snack while someone is looking at your house.

Sound. Soft, soothing music can add a level of comfort to your home. Purchasing a home is an emotional decision and can be very stressful. Creating a space where people feel instantly at home or relaxed helps prospective buyers connect with your home. Choose easy-listening or light jazz, not hard rock or funeral music.

Taste. This may be a little more challenging to accomplish, but if you have a Keurig or another single-serve coffeemaker, consider providing a complementary coffee bar in your kitchen for prospective buyers. This bit of hospitality could be what helps people decide this is the home where they want to live.

Domestic coffee station detail

In addition to staging advice, Ryan can offer recommendations for professionals who can help you with upgrades, renovations, moving or downsizing. A real estate professional can be a valuable resource to explain your options and help you make an informed decision.


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