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Value of using a good mover


“Being honest with ourselves about the reasons we hold onto our stuff will give us a new perspective and the will to let it go.” – The Unclutter Angel

Elm Terrace Gardens has partnered with Wayforth to offer our new residents the opportunity to use a move manager for their move! Danielle Ramirez, Client Experience Manager with Wayforth is a great resource to anyone thinking about downsizing! Read below to see what Danielle has to say about move managers and what they can offer you.

Preparing to move to a smaller home often requires downsizing possessions. You can do it alone, one closet, room and box at a time. You can invite your children to stop by and finally pick up their high school memorabilia. Or, you can partner with an organization like Wayforth, to help you tackle your piles.

Danielle encourages people to explore using a move manager. “Most move managers charge by the hour and provide a no-charge consultation at your home. Whether or not you decide to use a move manager, you will get a lot of great information by meeting with them.”

Danielle also notes, “All move managers will also offer a range of services and you’ll be able to pick and choose the services you want. You’ll be able to say, ‘I want you to help me organize, but my daughter is going to help me pack, or the movers will help me pack.’ You can control what services you use.”

“It’s common for the cost to be several thousand dollars, depending on how many services you choose and how much stuff you have,” Danielle adds. “Most people say it’s the best investment they ever made.” If you choose to organize on your own, Danielle says, “I recommend starting with one small geographic area at a time, somewhere you will be successful. For example, start on the top shelf of a closet or cupboard rather than one full room, where you might get overwhelmed. Small, bite-size chunks make downsizing manageable.”

“Getting ready to move is a marathon, not a sprint,” she adds.


Danielle Ramirez

Client Experience Manager

Broomall & Lansdale, PA

Direct: 484-750-2380

Office: 610-853-4300

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